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Is Adultery a Bar to PSS or Alimony?

Divorce in the Digital Age & Social Media

April 24, 2023

Not surprisingly, North Carolina divorces today usually involve some type of dispute over digital media access or other information obtained through the means of social media. After all, almost everything is online, from our banking and financial accounts to our media. With the prevalent use of digital technology, it is common for spouses to not…

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How Your Date of Separation is Determined and Why it is Important

How the Date of Separation (DOS) is Determined and Why it is so Important 

August 17, 2022

The date of separation is an important date that establishes the date that spouses began residing in separate locations from each other with an intent to permanently separate. Under North Carolina law spouses must be separated from one another for at least one year and a day before the court will grant an absolute divorce.…

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Dangers of DIY Separation Agreements

Dangers of DIY Separation Agreements: Why You Shouldn’t Draft Your Own Separation Agreement

August 17, 2022

You can easily find online tools to aid in the self-preparation of many legal documents, including separation agreements. However, as convenient as they may seem, these ready-made forms can be filled with potential pitfalls that can do more harm than good. Fill-in-the-blank documents are “one-size-fits-all” and are rarely sufficient to address all the necessary considerations…

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