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Property Settlement

Property Valuation During Divorce | Chatham County Divorce Lawyers

Property Valuation in North Carolina Divorce

May 16, 2024

In North Carolina, property division during divorce, termed equitable distribution, plays a crucial role in determining the final settlement. Understanding how property is valued can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Fair Market Value in Equitable Distribution Equitable distribution involves valuing marital assets and debts at their fair market value as of the date…

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What is Considered Marital Property in North Carolina?

What is Considered “Marital Property” in North Carolina? 

August 17, 2022

Often the most frequently asked question about property division during a divorce is what property the other spouse is entitled to receive. In most cases, that question is not so easily answered. In North Carolina, once parties separate, the division of property, usually referred to as equitable distribution, begins with spouses identifying all property owned…

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