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Reasons You Need an Estate Plan

Will vs. Revocable Living Trust – Which one is better? 

Estate planning is a challenging task for most people. It can be intimidating, not just from the perspective of confronting the idea of your own death, but also from concern over making the right decisions now for the future. Because there are many tools available to protect your legacy, we commonly help answer questions for…

Traffic Violation Consequences

Most Common Traffic Ticket Questions In North Carolina  

If you have received a traffic ticket in North Carolina, you likely have a number of questions.  The answer to those questions is not always clear because traffic laws can be confusing. Below are the most commonly asked questions about traffic violations in North Carolina. Regardless of how armed you are with these answers, it…

Do I need an Attorney for a Traffic Ticket in NC?

Do I Really Need an Attorney for my NC Speeding Ticket? 

The most common traffic citation issued in North Carolina is for speeding. While a ticket for speeding, or other traffic violation, may seem inconsequential you may find yourself wondering if you really need an attorney or if you can handle it on your own. In most circumstances, you will greatly benefit from having an attorney.…

Traffic Violation Consequences

North Carolina Traffic Violation Consequences

It’s only a traffic ticket, what is the worst that could happen? Many individuals view receiving a traffic violation as just an inconvenience that can’t possibly result in anything bad. Due to this misconception most also believe that because traffic tickets are so minor, the best and most economical recourse is to pay the fine…

Grandparents' Rights in NC

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents are allowed to seek visitation or custody of a grandchild only in limited situations in North Carolina. This is because the courts are not allowed to infringe on a parent’s constitutionally protected status or allow others to interfere with those parental rights without compelling reasons. In situations where a minor child is residing with…

Reasons You Need an Estate Plan

Reasons You Need an Estate Plan

For most individuals, taking the time to put an estate plan in place may seem like a daunting task. Not realizing the importance of having an estate plan is another common reason why it is often why it is put off until later. Most individuals don’t know if or why an estate plan is needed,…

Common Pitfalls in Estate Planning and How to Avoid Them

6 Common Estate Planning Pitfalls 

When it comes to estate planning, the smallest mistake can cause the biggest problems. Money and property can quickly become tied up in the court system and be extremely costly for heirs to access. Or in other situations, assets can be unintentionally distributed to undesired parties. If you have made the commitment to make an…

What is Considered Marital Property in North Carolina?

What is Considered “Marital Property” in North Carolina? 

Often the most frequently asked question about property division during a divorce is what property the other spouse is entitled to receive. In most cases, that question is not so easily answered. In North Carolina, once parties separate, the division of property, usually referred to as equitable distribution, begins with spouses identifying all property owned…

How Your Date of Separation is Determined and Why it is Important

How the Date of Separation (DOS) is Determined and Why it is so Important 

The date of separation is an important date that establishes the date that spouses began residing in separate locations from each other with an intent to permanently separate. Under North Carolina law spouses must be separated from one another for at least one year and a day before the court will grant an absolute divorce.…

Dangers of DIY Separation Agreements

Dangers of DIY Separation Agreements: Why You Shouldn’t Draft Your Own Separation Agreement

You can easily find online tools to aid in the self-preparation of many legal documents, including separation agreements. However, as convenient as they may seem, these ready-made forms can be filled with potential pitfalls that can do more harm than good. Fill-in-the-blank documents are “one-size-fits-all” and are rarely sufficient to address all the necessary considerations…



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