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Traffic Matters


Traffic Tickets

Traffic Matters Most individuals believe that traffic violations are minor and the best course of action is simply to pay the fine and move on. However, even the smallest traffic infraction can result in long-lasting consequences. By paying the fine you are admitting guilt and accepting points on your license. Points can cause your insurance…

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Traffic Ticket Evaluation

Traffic Matters The attorneys at Hopper Cummings have made managing many kinds of traffic tickets received on the highways in Chatham County as easy as possible for their clients.  There are just a few simple steps: Complete the short form Speak with our intake staff Get your quote for legal services, Sign a Fee Agreement…

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Infractions vs. Misdemeanors

When is a Traffic Offense an Infraction,  and When is a Traffic Offense a Misdemeanor?

Consequences of ignoring a traffic ticket in North Carolina

Consequences of Ignoring a NC Traffic Ticket 

Debunking Traffic Ticket Myths | Hopper Cummings, Chatham County Attorneys

Dispelling Myths About Traffic Laws in North Carolina

Why do North Carolina Traffic Tickets Matter?

It’s only a speeding ticket! What is the worst that can happen?

Traffic Violation Consequences

Most Common Traffic Ticket Questions In North Carolina  

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