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The submission of any payment through this online portal absent execution of a Contract for Legal Services with Hopper Cummings PLLC will not create an attorney-client relationship. The attorney-client relationship is only created upon the execution of a Contract for Legal Services, signed by an authorized attorney at the firm.


For Existing Clients

Existing clients can pay invoices received electronically or in the mail using the "Invoice Payments" button below. Payment will be applied to the balance due on the invoice you have received. To make an additional payment of more than the current invoice balance due, please use the retainer/trust deposit link on this page.

By clicking the button below, you will be redirected to LawPay for secure processing of your payment. Please be prepared to enter your invoice number or client name, account information, and credit card information on the next screen.


Retainer Payments

If you have been directed by your attorney to make an initial retainer payment after signing a contract, use the Retainer Payments portal below. Click the button to be directed to LawPay for secure payment processing.

Trust Deposits

Use this payment portal if you have been directed by your attorney to replenish your trust balance. Click the Trust Deposit button below to replenish your trust balance through the LawPay secure payment processing portal.

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